Dear Cappy #3 – October, 2015

October 25th, 2015

As my 41st Halloween approaches, it seems only appropriate that I recount the memory of my 6th. Halloween ’80 is my earliest memory of the holiday. My mom took my sister and me out to panhandle for sugar with a bunch of other kids from our neighborhood when we were living in North Canton, OH. My costume was just green makeup and an oversized T-shirt to fit over my inflatable Incredible Hulk muscles that, properly blown up, produced a startling metamorphosis, as John Caparulo, suburban kindergartener, was able to transform into the musclebound monster from his favorite TV show. However, my pants did remain intact, since my parents didn’t exactly have David Banner’s blue jean budget and the only thing close we could find around the house were a pair of my mom’s cut-off shorts, which made me look less like The Incredible Hulk and more like a little green whore. Plus I don’t remember The Hulk ever wearing glasses, so I guess I looked more like The Intellectual Hulk by the time we walked out the door to meet the other kids.
I don’t really remember much about the early part of the evening, other than it being very dark as our group set out on a mission down Carlew Street to obtain as much candy from strangers as we possibly could. But I know it didn’t take long before I realized that I couldn’t keep up with the herd. It seemed like all the other kids were already laughing it up on their way to the next house as I was still trying to make my way to the front porch just to find out that all the candy was gone and get offered everything from apples to trash, as if I were some sort of freakish, green flight attendant. I thought I could at least count on our next door neighbor, Mrs. McKey. But after every piece of candy she owned being picked clean and her dog being stolen, she actually tried to offer me a pocket calendar in place of candy! By then, I’d reached my breaking point and blurted out, “Mrs. McKey, don’t make me go hungry! You wouldn’t like me when I’m hungry!!” However, I looked up to see that she had already closed the door and turned out all the lights in her house.
As I stood there defeated, listening to all the other kids carrying on about how much candy they’d accumulated, it became painfully obvious to me that I only had one choice— I was gonna have to start murdering the other children. But since my mommy thought I was still too young for that apparently, it was time for me to start crying. The rest of the night was a pretty pathetic scene, as my mom, my sister, and The Incredible Sulk trolled around the other side of the neighborhood in search of some candy. But with makeup running down my face and my big green muscles now at half mass, it was time to start heading home. Plus I think we were well into November by then, so fittingly we began hitchhiking back the way we came with the sound of that soft, familiar piano riff in our heads— Do Doo Do Dooo! Do Doo Do Dooo Doooo! Do Doooo!!

Hi guys! Jamie here:
I don’t have an adorable Halloween story to tell, but I am giving away free tickets!…that’s almost better than candy, right?!

In November and December John is heading to AUSTIN, WEST PALM BEACH, SIOUX CITY, OMAHA, LEXINGTON, and TEMPE…and we’re giving away a couple pairs of tickets to each show! If you want to go to one of these shows, and haven’t purchased tickets yet, please email me ( your preferred show date and time (you can find them listed on…and I’ll let you know if the tickets have been claimed yet, or if they’re sitting pretty at the box office waiting for you!

In 2016 he’ll be heading to St. Louis, Nashville, Tampa, Cincinnati, Detroit, Charlotte, and more…tickets will become available soon!
If you’re in Los Angeles, John performs at the Hermosa Beach Comedy and Magic Club the 3rd Tuesday of every month…except in November. We’ve had to cancel the show on the 17th due to his Sioux City, IA show on the 18th, but we’ll resume the 3rd Tuesday show in December.

We’re calling this year’s shows Mad’s Dad Tour. I often receive questions regarding show content; i.e. “We were at his show last year, will it be the same jokes?” The answer is yes and no. John writes on stage and adapts to the crowd; so each show is unique. That said, if you see his show on a Friday, and again that Sunday, it’ll definitely be extremely similar. Why we chose to title the tour this year is to help elevate that question. Yes you may have seen a similar version to a couple jokes if you saw him in the last year or so, but a lot of his material is now based on our daughter Madden (who made her appearance in May) so the new dad jokes are as fresh as a baby’s bottom.

I hope you’ve been watching and enjoying Caplets. Those are the infant seeds to many of the jokes that he now tells on tour. A funny thought turns into a monthly Caplet, which then develops into regular stage material. Caplets are available for free on You can also hear them on Sirius XM, Spotify, Rhapsody, Pandora etc. You can even buy the mp3 versions on iTunes and Amazon.

Many changes have occurred now that we have a baby; we used to record the podcast at 2am weekly…that just doesn’t happen anymore since Madden demands a bedtime of 7pm. Domestic Disputes is now more of a monthly occurrence. We recorded episode 46 this week…it’s now out on iTunes, soundcloud, and If you have a question for us, tweet it to @Caparulo and we’ll answer it on the show.

No new updates regarding the merch on the store. If you haven’t visited it yet; there are Brown Spot magnets, shirts & underpants, Cappy C caps, koozies, and hardcopies of both specials. If you’d like merchandise personally autographed, please write a note in the “comment to seller” section when checking out. Feel free to bring already purchased merch to a show, he’ll gladly sign anything (body parts excluded) during the free after-show meet & greet. Yes, there is a FREE meet & greet after every show…unless the club has a time constraints or security issues (rarely happens).

I hope you can make it to a show! Thanks for keeping in touch with us!
Have a fantastic holiday season!
Jamie Caparulo…and Barney, Scobie Jae, and Madden Jae

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